Name withheld, Victoria

I used 160729 last year, and unfortunately had an outbreak of a nasty strain of footrot through those ewes and lambs.  We scored them (for footrot) at marking and found that most of 729s progeny had either got over it completely or didn’t have it while some other lambs had score 5 and 4 lesions…

James Skerrit, Narrogin WA

Have just seen the preliminary sales catalog, and while I have never endorsed any particular studs in the past, there are definitely some very good rams in this sale. We purchased a ram last year in order to improve our linkages to Merino Select, and we are blown away by the growth rates of these…
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Hornby Rural Agencies – Nutrien, Kojonup WA

The feedback from Hillside Meats was that the Anderson prime lambs were the best quality carcasses they have seen so far this season. (Anderson Poll Dorset rams over Anderson Merino ewes)
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John Pascoe, Arthur River WA

We started purchasing Anderson Rams a number of years ago and have been selecting rams with exceptional breeding values for early growth and fleece weight. The results even from the F1 generation were outstanding. Wether lambs going into the feedlot at 6 months of age, in the same pens as Poll Dorset crossbreds were coming…
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Tim & Rosie Rokebrand, Edenhope VIC

As I suspect is the case with most dedicated fine woolgrowers, our focus has been on producing white, soft-handling, deeply crimped wool, which we have succeeded in doing. However with very low premiums in recent years for fine wools we have had to look at a more dual purpose type sheep. While wool prices were…
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Marcus & Shannon Sounness, Amelup WA

By using Australian Sheep Breeding Values we can ensure that we are getting value for money with our ram selection. We use the Dual Purpose index on the MerinoSelect database which gives us a good balance between meat and wool traits. We look for sheep that score high on this index with strong performance in…
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Bindi Murray, Kunmallup Pastoral Co. Woodanilling, WA

I wanted to base our breeding program on ASBVs and a search for WA breeders producing high ranking sires led me to Lynley. I have been really happy with the Anderson Rams I have purchased for our nucleus flock and also with Lynley’s transparent, businesslike and friendly approach.
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Tom Small, Blairich Merinos, Blenheim New Zealand

Weaning studs today. There are some pretty useful 140474 lambs. At this stage his wool is very good just hope he stays under 20um but he should. Compared to any other ” muscle & fat” sheep I’ve seen used in NZ he’s exceptional.
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